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ID 134504

Nima Jacob Nojoumi

Teen Entrepreneur. Former adviser @godaddy. Co-Founder & CEO @GetSourcely. Founder @HouseOfGenius Phoenix. Growth Hacker.

ID 374717

Lance Scadden, CFA


University of Wisconsin, Chartered Financial Analyst

ID 328339

Adam Jake Steinberg

Real Estate, Media, Client Relations, Hustler, Production, Copywriting

ID 146626

Clint Carlos

Founder @gearfive llc, @garage-mahal, @junto-partners • Worked at @gallup-organization • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 128590

Seth Page


Experienced tech entrepreneur, operator, investment banker & financier. Last 2 firms co-founded were both acquired Nov 2011. Just acquired mSpot for Samsung.

ID 4000

T Howard

Founder and president of @ghostrade; innovative executive and educator.

ID 782868

Manish Sahai

Deal oriented senior business development executive. Provider Side - Large Deals Sales; Client Side - Global Partner Management - Enterprise Transformation

ID 313258

Edward Loew

2002 - Founder PE Real Estate Fund (Exit 2006) 2010 - Dir of Ops for ADF. 2012 - Co-Founder Veebow - strong business background

ID 344293

Benjamin Bronson

★ Creator - Designs, Methods, & Devices ★ Leader - Team builder, Inspirer, & Front Runner ★ Futurist - Utopia through Technology Evangelist

ID 495025

John Hancock

Founder @visual-information-technologies-inc, @Relations, Inc.• Worked at @Boeing• Studied at @thunderbird-school-of-global-management

ID 452168

Andrew Newman

Studied at @colgate-university

ID 151662

Daehee Park

Co-founder of @tuft-needle.

ID 335872

Eric Miller


Live in the desert. Co-own PADT, Inc. Involved in Startups and CleanTech especially for fun and general goodness.

ID 538630

David Talenfeld

JD, MBA, MGM, bio-pharmaceutical company founder, investor, and board member.

ID 218395

Jake Huber

Operations at @uber. Started @gigawatt. Graduated @boost-vc. Created Blitz Fundraising™ Going #88mph

ID 505145

Jason Riedel

Python, Django, Perl, PHP, Cisco, Linux, DevOps, Architecture, @paypal @tuxlabs

ID 236093

Michael Nasatka

Cap Markets Business/Tech Consultant, Business & Data Analyst/Strategist/Tester; Financial Risk Researcher; Cornell Engineering, Baruch Entrepreneurship.

ID 603817

Stephanie Chung

Customer Strategy & Experience Consultant - integrates Sales, Service, Marketing, Social, & Loyalty programs for comprehensive process, vision, & metrics

ID 494043

Peter Hall

Previously a Manager with Enterprise Holdings, strong sales, marketing, and operations background. Tri-lingual with English, German, and Japanese.

ID 255302

John Setlak

Senior-level management executive with core leadership experience in business management, marketing, sales, business development, and service-based solution delivery. Strategic leader with equally strong execution skills. Versatile entrepreneurial individ

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 723977

Eddie Fearing

ID 810989

Jonathan Perez

Worked for charity organization that Imagine Dragons founded called The Tyler Robinson Foundation.

ID 627914

Kacie Asher

University of Arizona Graduate, BA Study of Communications, Fashionista, Blogger, Experience with Lifestyle Brands

ID 515782

Ricky Borane

Entrepreneurial minded young professional looking to make a difference. Strong sales, marketing, research background with a passion to work for a startup.

ID 688636

Noah Corwick

University of Arizona Graduate, Multiple years of major record label experience, music and sports marketing, wanting to learn and grow with the right company.

ID 664244

Ashley Crow

MBA student at ASU, technology enthusiast, supply chain streamliner.

ID 556079

Kyle Mahoney

MBA with passion for tech and marketing

ID 812915

Tyler Jacobs

Undergrad student at UA Eller, Actively sell web based platform, Launch of own venture app by May 2015

ID 809307

Lori N. Brooks

Young professional with world-changing vision seeks communications position for top-notch start up with big dreams.

ID 454186

Oscar Gomez

Developer / DevOps with a hint of Lead Generation • Graduated from @university-of-arizona

ID 863818

Brian Christie

6+ years in SE Asia Outsourcing, Healthcare, Project Management

ID 387170

Joe Nash

Builder of innovative SMB cloud service products @mural. Product management, client relations, and multimedia production are of keen interest. Studied @U of A.

ID 301285

Tiffany Sumuel

Worked at @leapfrog-enterprises, @fathom-seo-search-engine-optimization • Studied at @northwestern-university, @st-edwards-university-of-austin

ID 773349

E.J. Dath

Leader, Network veteran, MBA. Varied experience, successful startup to large corporations. Technical Ops, Sales, SW/HW - Vyatta, Brocade, Cisco, Cabletron,etc

ID 680917

Kristiana Fox, M.B.A.

Strategic and Visionary Leader and Entrepreneur

ID 531991

David Tischler

Founder and CEO at, early GoDaddy employee, Masters Degree from ASU - WP Carey, Business and Operations specialist.

ID 430938

C'pher Gresham

Accelerator, Hedge Fund, VC, and Startup Experience (, Ability Dynamics). 3rd Place Washington Post BBQ Sauce Competition. MBA from Thunderbird 2014.

ID 416337

Loren Kutsko

Innovative Leader, Change Instigator

ID 702400

Christopher P. McKenna

Recent graduate of Santa Clara University. Have experience in education and business operations.

ID 457292


Technical Project Manager with extensive Department of Defense and University Experience

ID 626274

Mamadou N NIANG

Healthcare Technologist Skilled In Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

ID 704810

Misha West

Internationally experienced event coordinator and social media manager.

ID 544042

Jennifer Angel

Worked for 3 Universities in the IT Field, Winner of the Basic IT newsletter design contest, Graduated top 3% of Women in IT.

ID 789263

Andrew Brieno

E-commerce fulfillment operations; experience with Amazon.

ID 787453

Joe Frost

Master's Degree CIS, Certified Teacher, Experienced Consultant, Operations Geek, Physical Security & Athlete.

ID 863313

Lorenzo Galicia

Project Manager of my senior capstone design project, Boeing Company scholarship recipient, fast learner, team player,

ID 350432

Noah Sacksteder

I like: helping businesses grow, marketing, technology, startups, biz dev, entrepreneurship, gadgets, social business, music, mobile marketing, running, coffee

ID 602814

Corey Campbell

Successful account manager with a track record of meeting and exceeding quotas. Payment, healthcare, mobile ad experience worked at Yelp and American Express.

ID 499422

Kyle Fackler

Arizona State University Business Management/International Business Certificate, VC Enthusiast

ID 39618

Sanjay Rao

Founder Jade Falcon IT. Founder Encora. MS Comp Sc., BS Comp.Sc.

ID 691159

Cameron Morgan

Former student athlete

ID 587562

Morgan Yu

Driven, adaptive, and reliable Supply Chain Management professional. Six years of experience leading effective cross-functional teams.

ID 775074


Investment focused leader and entrepreneur who successfully developed and implemented strategy for rapidly growing start-ups and early growth stage companies.

ID 562781

James (Chia-wei) Wang

M.S. Econ from ASU. Strong professional experience in financial planning and analysis (AmEx). Personal interest in operations research and programming.

ID 714375

Ryan Jeffs

Product manager with vast experience in Content Delivery Networks and Record Label Management. I love happy customers, great products, and healthy margins.

ID 679090


Successfully done 2 startups: Luminous Network (RPR/802.17), RFCode (Sensors, RFID)

ID 198945

Tim Meuret

Founder @surgical-specialties • Worked at @intel, @us-air-force • Studied at @university-of-new-mexico

ID 721425

Karin Drake

Demonstrated success with start-up companies in accounting and human resources

ID 545888

Eric Montijo

Student @arizona-state-university

ID 667998

Kristi Mastroianni

Accomplished and Driven Individual with Strong Desire for Technology and People

ID 676554

Christine Phu

As a recent graduate, I hope to obtain a position with a startup that will lead to a lasting relationship in technology, design, art, and/or science.

ID 735170

Dillon Head

Technical support, sales, and general product evangelist. I love to write engaging content and get those social media wheels spinning.

ID 241076

Kerry Murphy

Office Manager extrodinnaire with expeirence working for both Start-ups and Venture Capital firms. Inventive, creative, independent thinker and team player!

ID 889088

Regina Bellows

Strategically creative in the areas of streamlining workflow design, sales funnels, and automated marketing campaigns, as well as consulting small businesses.

ID 689989

Eric Harrison

Full stack rubyist who has worked at several start ups in the us and Australia.

ID 602031

Lance Madden

ID 872324

Christian G Miller

Creative writer with deep tech knowledge; Above-average research, organizational and time management skills

ID 151753

Simon Little

Accomplished Finance Executive with diversified skill set and background in companies of all sizes

ID 489384

Jack Petty

National or Regional Practice or Product Manager with experience in product development, new product launch, patenting, sales management and support, pre-sales

ID 857912

Nathaniel Arana

ID 474440

William DeMarco

Test run

ID 70417

Philipp Klemm


Managing Director America at Soventix - former CEO Colexon Corp. - Founder & CEO Klemm & Maass

ID 649357

Tiffaney Mosley

High performer, soon to be CEO of an HR company, lover of technology and innovation

ID 687142

Vanessa Lynn Housner

Years of customer service experience. Great organization skills.

ID 760350

Scott Fike

Just browsing.

ID 739516

Atul Mahajan

ID 694055

Natacha Rakisits


ID 666375

Nick Mancini

ID 745533

Connor Willey

CEO of Trade My Shoe

ID 308213

Juan Pablo Ramirez Angeloni

Innovative, creative Systems Security Architect. Secure by Design

ID 516945

Ryan Brancati

Pursuing B.S. in Mathematics and an M.B.A. in the STEM program at University of Alabama.

ID 258883

Imee Rose Tagaca Chellevold

Founder @baby-at-work • I fill the gaps in technical / product team • I need a B2B sales expert

ID 778349

Craig Stevenson

Transforming Global Cloud-Based Voice Services

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