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ID 41911

David Rice


Founder @desarrollo-1 , Founder @vector Interactive, Founded @vector Interactive (vi), @KAIZEN Investors

ID 301285

Tiffany Sumuel

Worked at @leapfrog-enterprises, @fathom-seo-search-engine-optimization • Studied at @northwestern-university, @st-edwards-university-of-austin

ID 416337

Loren Kutsko

Innovative Leader, Change Instigator

ID 420967

Andrew Veatch

Financial Strategist at Ufree app; Management Information Systems student at UofA; Active member in local start-up community; Incubator work experience.

ID 452168

Andrew Newman

Studied at @colgate-university

ID 68032

Dan Eyman

Adviser and Service Provider

ID 146626

Clint Carlos

Founder @gearfive llc, @garage-mahal, @junto-partners • Worked at @gallup-organization • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 155090

Maleri Sevier

MBA Candidate W.P. Carey School of Business @ ASU 3 years Finance/Operations at Penguin Random House

ID 704590

Ney J Torres

Master in Real estate Development. Investor. Founder Car FootPrints, INC • Worked at @deloitte-touche • Studied at @universidad-san-francisco-de-quito

ID 76325

Ryan Hemelt

Founder of @textbuch; Studying Finance, Psychology, and Computer Science at the University of San Diego

ID 639452

Vivek Sunderam Agastya

ID 374717

Lance Scadden, CFA


University of Wisconsin, Chartered Financial Analyst

ID 140034

Chris Benjamin


Outsourced & Interim CFO / Management Consultant with Rogue CFO Consulting. Help companies grow adding C-level experience to your management team.

ID 381310

Tom Stefanovski

Norte Dame MBA. Fortune 100 corporate finance professional

ID 116777

Tracey Bowyer

Startup Operations Executive - Known for getting things done!

ID 143761

Daniel Nienhauser

Builder brands, products, companies, divisions. Startup failure experience, diverse, student, listener, loyal, trustworthy, new found appreciation of life.

ID 364083

Maxwell Richardson

Entrepreneur by nature; Strong business background (B.A. in Economics-Accounting at CMC); Looking to grow with an up-and-coming LA or SF based Startup

ID 55159

Troy Jensen


Co-Founder, CEO & Senior Managing Director of nxVenture Capital Ltd, an innovative private equity firm with their global headquarters in New York City.

ID 795123

Craig DMura

ID 312464

Ted Gladish

Founder Innovative Green Technologies

ID 557986

Qinghua(Phoebe) He

MS in Global Finance candidate at Thunderbird seeking a full-time position as a financial analyst/financial accountant.

ID 516945

Ryan Brancati

Pursuing B.S. in Mathematics and an M.B.A. in the STEM program at University of Alabama.

ID 313721

Tyler Johnson

Launched Online Operations at Magnums

ID 634154

Cody Mamone

Exceptionally-done corporate finance.

ID 818521

Ashley Bradney

Business owner. Passionate about building business relationships. Strong business background.

ID 721425

Karin Drake

Demonstrated success with start-up companies in accounting and human resources

ID 840517

Eric Lougher

ID 647933

Dorothy Walsh

Redesigned internal business clients applications to streamline business processes.

ID 301796

Darcy Bergen

With more than two decades of experience, financial expert Darcy Bergen established Clear Solutions, LLC, in 2003.

ID 379335

Leigh Havins

full-time problem solver, idea generator, people connector, social media ninja, yogi, community activist

ID 705897

Alfred Sturrup

ID 499422

Kyle Fackler

Arizona State University Business Management/International Business Certificate, VC Enthusiast

ID 192577

Darrin Stark


Worked at @skymall, @JDA Software, @petsmart • Studied at @kelley of Business- Indiana, @Middlesex

ID 505177

Sandra Watanabe

Very versatile and fast paced learner always striving to learn something new

ID 151753

Simon Little

Accomplished Finance Executive with diversified skill set and background in companies of all sizes

ID 862698

Sophia Kerim

ID 545888

Eric Montijo

Student @arizona-state-university

ID 241076

Kerry Murphy

Office Manager extrodinnaire with expeirence working for both Start-ups and Venture Capital firms. Inventive, creative, independent thinker and team player!

ID 775074


Investment focused leader and entrepreneur who successfully developed and implemented strategy for rapidly growing start-ups and early growth stage companies.

ID 411793

Liam Foley

The internet's completely over. - Prince

ID 713637

Eric Wolf

Financial Modeling and Programming

ID 641128

Chip Jacobs

I am a Senior Mergers & Acquisition Valuation Manager who has valued, consummated, & integrated over 60 international & domestic transactions valued at $30B.

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