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ID 239157

Noah Spirakus

Solving business problems using software in a secure way

ID 221817

Dave Tapley

Comp Sci / AI graduate. I write code. Web @last-fm, games at @codemasters, and a whole bunch of magic in between.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 239549


40 plus years of experience in the USAF, US NAVY, DoD, and as a C level officer (CIO and CEO) at four top notch Fortune companies.

ID 67048

Joshua Strebel

Founder/CEO @pagely among other things. Bootstrapping a growing empire. I really like Vodka.

ID 205395

Jerry Asher

Worked at @boeing, @xerox • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @harvey-mudd-college, @UC Berkeley. MS/CS as well as MBA focused on Entrepreneurship

ID 414238

Naser Chowdhury


ID 121068

Boz Bundalo

Lead Product Design at @republic-project, UX architect & Developer.Expertise in mobile & web technologies. Built award winning brand experiences for Fortune 500

ID 226574

Chris Matthieu

Founder of Twelephone. Startups acquired to date include: Nodester, Teleku, and Digital Voice Technologies.

ID 119619

Paul Kenjora

CEO at @awarelabs. Graduate of fund raising and current student of bootstrapping. @proven ability to deliver MVP. Currently working on new product @launch.

ID 45006

Michael Krotchie

CTO and Founder @flicksea • Worked at @raytheon • Studied at University of Arizona

ID 47837

Curtis Miller

Founder of Flatterline and Ruby on Rails developer.

ID 349232

Barkan Saeed

Entrepreneur. More than 8 years of experience helping technology start-ups. Healthcare solutions, Drupal Solutions, Android, iOS application and games

ID 124866

Adam Brown

ID 369602

Raymond Tu

I'm a Computer Science PhD student just started out working on starting my company, LokoHire.

ID 41911

David Rice


Founder @desarrollo-1 , Founder @vector Interactive, Founded @vector Interactive (vi), @KAIZEN Investors

ID 736787

josh pierro

Founder CountingFish

ID 620209

Jenny Bebout

Founder and CXO at @pivot-freight • Studied at @kansas-state-university

ID 199211

Joshua Eichorn

CTO at Pagely, published author, strong background in the Open Source PHP Commuity

ID 44242

Mark Ng

HuntersDB cofounder, technologist in entrepreneurship and innovation labs at @arizona-state-university. Previously, @twitfave cofounder, hNews coauthor.

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 215402

Jason Meltzer

Long-time developer turned engineering and product manager. I've worked at the giant megacorp all the way down to the startup, and a few in between. Still love to code, but also enjoy the big picture. B.S./M.S. Computer Science ASU, Management Science wor

ID 56158

Marc Chung

Empowering millions of users @lookout.

ID 35902

Alan Munroe

Virtual Sales Exec, BizDev Mercenary, Piranha Class Telemarketer, Ideas Guy, Spin Doctor, Go-To-Guy, Producer-Developer and now Published Short Story Writer

ID 402912

Jeff Beasley

Jeff has launched successful start-ups U360 and mobiManage. In 2007, he was Tulsa Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year & in 2009, Oklahoma Innovator of Year.

ID 505145

Jason Riedel

Python, Django, Perl, PHP, Cisco, Linux, DevOps, Architecture, @paypal @tuxlabs

ID 140201

Kevin DeVries

Sr Embedded SW Engineer with successful record working with professionals outside my expertise. My signature is on Mars.

ID 479151


Stanford CS, full stacked generalist; Launched 12 successful Apple Apps, Worked with Yahoo and Google, Helped launch Twitter

ID 134412

Ryan Gasparini

Product Developer with an emphasis in JavaScript and UX, background in Software and Advertising

ID 16197

Matt Blake

Head Geek at and golfmix. Former co-founder of and @az-sports-hub. Worked at @jobing and Corpedia.

ID 264929

Paul Nakata

freelance adventurer. PL enthusaist

ID 329892

Mitchell Lee

Full stack web developer - Northwestern Engineering turned Dev Bootcamp grad

ID 91049

Dan Farfan

Computer Scientist. Creator, Homeland Security system architect. Ballroom Dancer. Author, The Next 10 Amendments

ID 319592

Patrick Heeney

CEO of Evocore; Web Programmer Extraordinaire.

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 76325

Ryan Hemelt

Founder of @textbuch; Studying Finance, Psychology, and Computer Science at the University of San Diego

ID 81383

Tom O'Brien

Founded - a small bus. platform. Co-Founder and COO @Data Insurance Licensing Ltd. Founder and Lead Consultant at BootstrapTechnology Consulting.

ID 500735

Kevin Durand

MIT Aero/Astro; Boeing; UAV Research; Commercial applications of unmanned technology. Hacker and Tinkerer.

ID 251791

Carlo Salcedo

Stanford '11, front-end dev, sales/biz dev

ID 418164

Rafeed Chaudhury

PhD student at @asu '15. @georgia Tech Alum '10.

ID 110223

Mircea Goia


ID 97123

Scott Jensen

Systems Architect and Business Development; behind-the-scenes wizard making it all work.

ID 39026

Mendel Kurland

Founder of @apps-over-easy Corp and @world-life-networks LLC

ID 21804

Scott Swanson

After 18+ years at @microsoft, rediscovering my inner developer as CTO of Fluid Group, Inc. Delivering social media insights to niche product markers.

ID 769242

Karan Shah

Software Engineer, Full stack generalist, Successfully launched 2 iOS apps.

ID 690769

Steve Dobie

Developer with over 10 years of full-stack experience in a variety of technologies.

ID 191626

Michael Kral

iOS Developer - Colyar Consulting Group, THE MEME; Lead Developer @Paramyths

ID 197063

Jeremy Smith

Founder and Creative Director at DSGN.CO. A multi-dimensional design collective specializing in creative solutions that enhance visual experiences.

ID 115797

Chuck Shaw

ID 597669

Aman Singh

Graduate student at Arizona State; 6+ years of programming experience; Worked at Nomura, Bloomberg and Biodesign, ASU

ID 436581

Pradeep Chaudhari

Co-founder of Small Emperor LLC, Graduate Student at ASU, Founded Educational Startup - WhatNeXTPlus, Background in Programming

ID 349406

Angelo Kramvis


ID 268982

Alex Slaughter

UofA ECE, Application Specialist, Launched over 10 web apps for the University of Arizona, Project Manager UA

ID 412567

Scott Williams

Worked at @neudesic, @sogeti-usa • Studied at @university-of-arizona

ID 282231

Scott Shea

Seasoned software developer with start-up and established company experience. Primarily Ruby/Ruby on Rails but some Java and C# too

ID 149875

Amy London

Continued Education in Website Design & Development alongside Business Entrepreneurship & UX Design & Strategy. Unique eye for Critical Detail.

ID 90119

Robert Dodson

Founder topbop! Productions LLC • Worked at @cognizant-technology-solutions • Studied at @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 271713

Andrew Lewis

Founder/Technologist @MezzoPartners. Veteran w/ MPP technologies. Strong enterprise background. Experienced building big data services org w/Knightsbridge.

ID 371271

Casey Tickes

Mobile app developer with strong design skills and experience. Shipped 8+ market leading iOS and Android apps.

ID 153591

Harlan Robinson

Founder @haveoneon-me • Worked at @intel, @at-t • Studied at @morehouse-college

ID 454186

Oscar Gomez

Developer / DevOps with a hint of Lead Generation • Graduated from @university-of-arizona

ID 886642

Mark Bessett

Experienced SW & Aerospace engineering, full stack, alum of Microsoft, Lockheed Martin. Led architecture in multiple greenfield projects

ID 553145

Moheet Bhute

Experience in system and application software development, Machine Learning and Social Media Mining. Seeking a full time position to apply my experience

ID 333417

John Mendez

Co-Founder of @EnsureBilling and @iCoachFitness, Technology Consultant,BS Computer Science,AAS Network Administration,15+ years in technology.Love a challenge

ID 51402

Salvatore Aiello

Professional developer for over 7 years, with 15 years of programming experience. Proof of concept extraordinaire.

ID 637659

Rijad Dizdarevic

Founder Speak-Ni-Wo-Ta • Worked at @pearson-education

ID 651577

Yu Zhang

ASU CS; Internship on Mobile Development (Both Android and iOS); Resume:

ID 791264

Shardul Golwalkar

BS Student at Arizona State University, Worked at Intel. Self-taught front-end web developer looking for software developer opportunities in Javascript & Ruby.

ID 608390

Brad Miller

ID 302425

Mukul Tiwari

BS in Computer Science, Sun Certified Developer, Java Technologies, Agile Methodologies.

ID 432779

Michael Kral

iOS Developer

ID 636991

Joseph North

ID 279585

Gabriel Chaney

C# rebel. Get excited about the space between browser and server. Enjoy mentoring. BS E. ASU.

ID 295170


FreeBSD contributor, Linux bugfinder, Software development enthusiast.

ID 257457

Sean Corgan

ASU, JavaScript Ninja, PHP developer frontend developer. Mobile Applications utilizing Web Technologies.

ID 573702

Adam Lipschultz

Software engineer specializing in PHP, drawing from heavy programming background in Java to create efficient, robust, and light-weight web-applications.

ID 237510

Vishwanatha Janaswamy

Arizona State University CS, Worked in Infosys Tech Ltd for 2.5 years, Worked as Microsoft Student Partner

ID 488092

Rohit Kharat

Graduate Student at Arizona State University with 2.5yrs of work-ex as a web and mobile apps developer.

ID 877586

Joseph Rawlings

Co-Founder of @ChowLocally, Currently developing massive distributed systems at Amazon

ID 821504

shodhan manda

Arizona state university ,masters in computer science, design and develop software applications in enterprise java

ID 580812

Amit Sahu

MS student at ASU; Oracle Certified Java Programmer; Strong technical background with in-depth knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms.

ID 553170

Adit Shah

ASU Master's in CST,Developed a web app from scratch for Maricopa Association of Governments and developed a learning tool to increase student participation.

ID 426492

Adam Draper

Front End Software Engineer with strong design background looking to make a meaningful impact on a product and help craft exceptional user experiences.

ID 407469

Adnan Alam

Reside in Phoeniz, AZ. I work with web stuff. Also I'm an @arsenal fan. And available for new work.

ID 216655

Tracy Hoffman

Please see attached.

ID 816698

A.J. Taylor


ID 345508

Rob Race

Full Stack Developer, primary language is Ruby and primary framework is Rails

ID 102029

Doug Erkkila

Senior developer with several years of experience developing back-end systems. Created a process to automatically link transactions to local businesses.

ID 215472

Nicholas Golob

CTO/Co-Founder of Pair Post, has more than 10 years of IT experience. Knows various programming languages, including Android.

ID 467697

Manoj Talreja


Just an Another Tech Engineer

ID 79701

Billy Coover

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Sports Nut. Founder & CEO of @Nearby_Now.

ID 825049

Megan Porter

I'm just browsing

ID 722462

Paraag Vaishampayan

Hardware technical expert responsible for delivering in-house Post Silicon Validation Solutions from Concept to Product to various design teams withing Intel.

ID 359697

Jon Olawski

Founder APE Privacy. Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Security Consultant (I hack stuff). Sold a private lead manager (SaaS) in 2009.

ID 597436

Eric Fogle

Ambitious, dedicated, and self-taught. Believe in doing it right the first time. Currently teaching web development classes.

ID 158197

Tyler Coleman

Founder @retora-game-studios, @future-is-games

ID 340605

Lester Hunter

Senior Business Systems Analyst

ID 726992

Raynaldo Rivera

Software Engineer with a background in network security.

ID 416466

Bon Franklin

Proven enterprise application architect. Highly motivated and passionate about efficient customer-focused product development.

ID 10788

Kent Croutcher

CFO involved several start-ups and financial modeling and projections.

ID 643869

Peter Mountain

Software developer and SAR Pilot

ID 688585

Kart San

Strong Java development background, Looking for part time + remote java dev/ testing - selenium / SOAPUI coding jobs. Can work free for few weeks to start with

ID 301941

Michael Rock

Seasoned Architect, implementor, integrator. Loves solving big data challenges, excited about continuing to build in leading edge technologies.

ID 263213

Mark Webb

23 years old. Founded Funbox Studios in 2010. First adventure is @hydra-crp.

ID 840632

Mariyana Tonyous

Professional graphic and commercial website designer

ID 679955

Noel Levine

Entrepreneur and Business Intelligence Specialist

ID 734279

john smith

Full stack developer. Lead developer on 5-10 member teams for corporate web development projects.

ID 617170

Craig Holzinger

Indiana Univ. CS, Full Stack Generalist leaning towards experimenting with node.

ID 351172

Christian Lewis

don't you think if I were wrong I'd know it

ID 155606

Johnathan Croom

Ambitious developer. Started entrepreneurship at age of 10. Built in 3 weeks without previous Ruby experience. Nothing I cannot accomplish.

ID 334057

Butch Clydesdale

I have over 15 years experience designing and developing web and software applications. I am a hard working, self-motivated person who enjoys the work.

ID 438155

Forrest Alvarez

Automation and configuration management fanatic. Worked at GoDaddy as Systems Engineer; Python fan.

ID 317354

Cody Bell

Extensive IT Management background. Entrepreneur mindset. Hard working, loyal, and above all else persistent.

ID 308719

Billy Allen

Started my first marketing internet company in College

ID 245645

Chip Shipperman

Founder Independent Contractor

ID 81696

Steven Hernandez

BS Student at ASU in Computer Science. Barrett Honors College 2011 Imagine Cup US finalist 1 year work experience as Systems Intern with Sandhills Publishing.

ID 689989

Eric Harrison

Full stack rubyist who has worked at several start ups in the us and Australia.

ID 75915

Bryce Roberts

Degree in Social Transformation. Webmaster and developer for local business as well as online and social marketing.

ID 424844

Phyo Kyaw

Founder of RezTech. Launched 3 products. A Sr. Achitect who mastered the modern web and mobile development technology stack from UI Layer to Big Data.

ID 477315

Neil Bhargava


ID 275438

Rick Carlino

Ruby on Rails developer with a passion for all things IT. Arizona State University, BIS in Korean and Management.

ID 308213

Juan Pablo Ramirez Angeloni

Innovative, creative Systems Security Architect. Secure by Design

ID 453311

Aaron Packer

Android developer; PhD candidate

ID 434464

Srikanth Surukuntu

HCI @ Coursera, MS @ Ruhr University, MoonLighting @ ShowDecider, Working @ Pearson, Product Focused Full Stack Generalist, Startup Enthusiast

ID 697111

David R Wallace

Currently looking for a full-time, front-end developer position with a small, profitable, quality company located near Phoenix, Arizona.

ID 97721

Nicholas Adcock

CS student at University of Illinois. Working at @apple.

ID 199781

Specializing in customized, secure presentation management systems, collaboration/production tools, audience response systems, WISP, and HD streaming.

ID 320935

Will Rabadi

Young competant programmer

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