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ID 364548

Heather Shandler

Senior Accessories Designer, Adobe Illustrator Enthusiast, Thrift Shopper, Concert Goer, Cartoon Obsessed, Trying to make the world a better place to shop

ID 77045

Kori Handy


Mobile Product Designer • Currently Lead Mobile Designer @paypal, Founder @mymentor previously at @quietly ,@microsoft, @expedia and many others.

ID 239549


40 plus years of experience in the USAF, US NAVY, DoD, and as a C level officer (CIO and CEO) at four top notch Fortune companies.

ID 43870

Mark G

Founder of 944 Magazine, UNIQ Lifestyles Magazine, Background before creating magazines: #1 Web Development Firm Business Journal Book of Lists.

ID 90119

Robert Dodson

Founder topbop! Productions LLC • Worked at @cognizant-technology-solutions • Studied at @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 266767

Elios Lino

Lead UI UX Designer

ID 251791

Carlo Salcedo

Stanford '11, front-end dev, sales/biz dev

ID 8683

Shane Ettestad

Founder of Per(se). Founder Blue Square Studios & Hospitality Toolkit (acquired by Travelclick). Co-founder Interactive Sites &

ID 17023

Leandro Puca

Creative Director and Interaction/UX/UI designer. Strong experience and fully motivated.

ID 679090


Successfully done 2 startups: Luminous Network (RPR/802.17), RFCode (Sensors, RFID)

ID 512976

Hart Larew

Founder NextPotential • Studied at @arizona-state-university, @university-of-iowa

ID 116777

Tracey Bowyer

Startup Operations Executive - Known for getting things done!

ID 134412

Ryan Gasparini

Product Developer with an emphasis in JavaScript and UX, background in Software and Advertising

ID 627914

Kacie Asher

University of Arizona Graduate, BA Study of Communications, Fashionista, Blogger, Experience with Lifestyle Brands

ID 121068

Boz Bundalo

Lead Product Design at @republic-project, UX architect & Developer.Expertise in mobile & web technologies. Built award winning brand experiences for Fortune 500

ID 281241

Zach Solomon-Beloin

I’m a public relations, community manager and digital marketing professional with a passion for using technology to design, build and grow communities.

ID 258881

Brian Sullivan

Obama campaign alum. Directed and managed many campaign projects. Designer using adobe muse with basic programming skills. Built a biz from 0 clients to over 60

ID 149875

Amy London

Continued Education in Website Design & Development alongside Business Entrepreneurship & UX Design & Strategy. Unique eye for Critical Detail.

ID 156831

Michael Liebetreu

Founder Leaf Home Eco-systems • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 879936

Katrina Talley

As a user experience designer, my goal is to solve real world problems for both the user and the business.

ID 197063

Jeremy Smith

Founder and Creative Director at DSGN.CO. A multi-dimensional design collective specializing in creative solutions that enhance visual experiences.

ID 453047

Drew Porter

Founder of FireFan, Freelance UI/UX Designer, Interested In Big Things!

ID 58471

David Matus

Interaction & interface designer @ & @piki-mx. UX practitioner.

ID 263213

Mark Webb

23 years old. Founded Funbox Studios in 2010. First adventure is @hydra-crp.

ID 697111

David R Wallace

Currently looking for a full-time, front-end developer position with a small, profitable, quality company located near Phoenix, Arizona.

ID 317354

Cody Bell

Extensive IT Management background. Entrepreneur mindset. Hard working, loyal, and above all else persistent.

ID 75915

Bryce Roberts

Degree in Social Transformation. Webmaster and developer for local business as well as online and social marketing.

ID 671244

Jason Niemoth

Experienced UX/UI Designer. Detailed oriented. Out-of-the-box thinker. Managed and provided creative direction to 20 Production Designers. Worked at

ID 617170

Craig Holzinger

Indiana Univ. CS, Full Stack Generalist leaning towards experimenting with node.

ID 216655

Tracy Hoffman

Please see attached.

ID 246375

Kevin Eric Carman

Founder IP Cyborg , @Crazy 8s Drums • Worked at @ibm, @godaddy

ID 101779


Founder V12 Studios-A branding and design company specializing in fortune 500 to start-up companies emphasis on the morphing media world.

ID 407469

Adnan Alam

Reside in Phoeniz, AZ. I work with web stuff. Also I'm an @arsenal fan. And available for new work.

ID 814622

Nathaniel Harris

Competent Front-End Web Developer / Project Manager. Aggressive learner.

ID 690196

Track Reddit

Founder TrackReddit • Worked at d

ID 199781

Specializing in customized, secure presentation management systems, collaboration/production tools, audience response systems, WISP, and HD streaming.

ID 754684

Robert J Neal

UX design for Honeywell, RedBull, and eHarmony. Launched 2 startups. Mensa.

ID 40198

Alma Steger

Strong business & marketing background. Bilingual. Collaborated with companies in a wide-variety of industries. Art director, public relations, entrepreneur...

ID 771027

Andrew Pasc

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ID 304901

Jordan Happach

BA in Game Design. UI Designer. Former Radio host on FEBC in Seoul. Co-host of The Perspective podcast.

ID 327770

Rico Lavender

UI/UX Designer with the ability to understand how to strategically build digital products from a business need, through creative and technical solutions.

ID 840494

Scott Mackenzie

BFA Student At Kendall Art College, Fine Art Back Ground, Mobile Expert, expertise in Branding.

ID 308719

Billy Allen

Started my first marketing internet company in College

ID 320935

Will Rabadi

Young competant programmer

ID 487906

Tuan Tran

User Interface Designer

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