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ID 633684

Sebastean Losch

Founder, Leader and Power Plant @pledger "Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life. failure comes when we shrink from them" - John C. Maxwell

ID 751955

Bryan Neff


Experienced Healthcare Industry Entrepreneur, Venture Capital, M&A

ID 664995

Candice Rider

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 694531

Kyle Thomas

Founder Adora Inc. • Hobby Farmer • Serial Entrepreneur (x5) • Former consultant at @american-express, @jpmorgan-chase

ID 594830

AJ Bisaillon

Founder erbanLive • Worked at @apm-property-management • Studied at @university-of-phoenix

ID 379504

Anupam Bonanthaya

Founder @customerrivet • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Customer Success Marketer (with 8yrs Global Exp). Technologist (with 15yrs Marketing Tools Exp)

ID 829891

Tyler Harris

Founder Acute Cars • Studied at @web-design-4

ID 45608

Brandon Clarke

Product Focused Entrepreneur & Strategist

ID 783794

Ryan Hermansky

Founder Talk 2 Legends • Worked at @zimmer, @stryker-orthopaedics • Studied at @arizona-state-university

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